Bright Day School Vadodara

Primary Section - Ambalal Park (June 2017 and July 2017)



Veer R. Shah of Std. II A was felicitated with trophy for winning National Level Pentasoft Competition. We heartily congratulate him.


Netra Gohil of Std. VI A bagged 1st prize in drawing competition in world environment day celebration. It was organized by Maharaja Sayajirao University. We congratulate her.


SCHOOL CHALE HUM : Date - 8th and 9th June 2017
Std : I to VIII

“Little drops of water, Little grains of sand, makes the mighty ocean the pleasant land. Little words of love, help to make earth happy, like the heaven above.” To welcome students and make them feel comfortable all the unit heads were at the gate as they step foot into the school premises. All the teachers were in their respective class rooms to welcome them with their captivating smile.




Date :- 14th June 2017
Std. :- I
Venue :- School Premises
Resource Person :- Mam Kumkum Biswas

‘Together we can and we will’. An orientation program for parents was organized on 14th June at Ambalal Bhavan. They were enlightened with all the important information such as :-

School policy
Use of Almanac
Teaching Methodology
Maintenance of Notebook
Evaluation System
School Activities


Date :- 21st June 2017
Std. :- V to VIII
Venue :- School Premises

“Yoga is the art work of awareness on the canvas of body, mind and soul”. Bright School, Ambalal Bhavan, celebrated “International Yoga Day” on 21st June 2017. Our PT teachers executed the mudras of asana. Students of Std. V to VIII participated in this event. Students were enlightened with benefits of Yoga.


Date :- 30th June 2017
Std. :- I and II
Venue :- Basement of Ambalal Bhavan
Resource Person :- Ms. Pratima Shukla

Talk on good manners and habits was organized at Ambalal Unit for Std. I & II. Importance of good manners and habits were taught through PPT by the resource person.


Date :- 4th July 2017
Std. :- VIII (English and Gujarati Medium)
Venue :- Computer Lab 1 and 2

The election process at Bright School, Ambalal Bhavan replicates Indian Electoral process. Student Union election was conducted on 4ht July 2017 in school premises. There were three 3 posts: (1) Head Boy (2) Head Girl (3) School Captain.

Students of Std. V to VIII (English & Gujarati Medium) casted their votes for the post of given categories.

The winners are :

Head Boy – Vandit Paikh (Std. : VIII-E E.M.)

Head Girl – Diya Poriya (Std. : VIII-D E.M.)

School Captain – Harshvardhan Rajput (Std. : VIII-B E.M.)

The responsibilities are delegated to students on selective and elective basis.


Date :- 10th July 2017
Std. :- VIII (English and Gujarati Medium)
Venue :- Basement of Ambalal Bhavan

Investiture ceremony is a prestigious function that takes place every year to appoint students as office bearers. The day was inaugurated with a promise by our newly elected Brightians. The young leaders were brimming with confidence, sense of duty and responsibility. They were sworn in by the honourable Chief Guest Mr. Jay Joshi. He is the ex sergeant in Indian Air Force and is presently associated with many social organizations. He is also the president of single girl child parents association. Our director Sir Jiral Shah, H.M. Mam Kumkum and Supervisor Mam Varsha blessed them for all the success in the future.

  • Talk On Physical Fitness And Adolescence

Date :- 14th July 2017
Std. :- V and VI
Venue :- School Premises
Resource Person :- Mr. Sunil and Ms. Jalpa

Today we are living in a heterogeneous society. It has become inevitable to educate young students about adolescence. Hence a talk on adolescence was organized separately for boys & girls. They were also enlightened with the tips of Physical fitness. Our resource person demonstrated the ways to remain healthy through PPT.




Date :- 7th July 2017
Std. :- I and II
Venue :- Individual Classes

Handwriting competition for Std. I & II was organized in the School premises. Students having very clean and impressive handwriting were felicitated with prizes.


Date :- 7th July 2017
Std. :- III and IV
Venue :- Individual Classes

Calligraphy is a visual art or technique to create artistic writing. To make the students aware of different fonts, curves etc. such competitions are organized. Winners were honoured with prizes.


Date :- 7th July 2017
Std. :- V and VI
Venue :- Individual Classes

Essay writing is a creative art of self expression. To enable students to explore their world of imagination such a competition was organized.  Best students with innovative ideas were honoured with prizes.


Date :- 24th July 2017
Std. :- I to VIII
Venue :- Individual Classes

Navneet drawing competition was organized in the premises of Bright School. Students of Std. I to VIII had participated in this competition. Students were divided into groups & each groups were given a separate topic. Students show cased their expressions & creativity on drawing sheets. The sheets were sent to the concerned centre for further proceedings.


Date :- 25th July 2017
Std. :- I and II
Venue :- Basement of Ambalal Bhavan

“Poetry comes alive through recitation.” Students of Std. I & II had voiced down rhythmical creation through recitation. The best budding stars were felicitated with prizes.


Date :- 28th July 2017
Std. :- III and IV
Venue :- Ambalal Bhavan

“Advertisement is to enlarge public desires.” Advertisement is the greatest art form which includes creativity and imagination. Bright School organized a TV advertisement competition. The best enacted advertisements were honoured with prizes.