Bright Day School Vadodara

Primary to Senior Secondary – CBSE Unit, Harni (April 2017 to July 2017)



The school registered 96.4% result. Ishan Shandilya topped securing 94.6%. Out of 57 students, 19 students secured more than 80%.

  • CLASS - X

10 students Saurav Shah, Nandan Patel, Snehal Shandilya, Urvish Jain, Arwa Moiz Jamali, Dishant Vyas, Diksha Desai, Arti Singhal, Shiv Vyas and Devanshi Jadav secured 10 CGPA, 35 students secured A1 and 39 students secured A2.



  • Highly Effective Edupreneur of India Award 2017

Managing Trustee Shri Simit Shah bagged the “Highly Effective Edupreneur of India Award 2017” at National Level. He was felicitated by the Union Minister of India- Shahnawaz Hussain on 16th July 2017 at Delhi.



  • Best District Teacher Award 2017

Head Mistress Dr. Deepshikha Shukla is awarded the Best District Teacher Award 2017 by SOF- National Science Olympiad.

  • National Science Olympiad

Asita Sheth of Std. IX C has secured the 20th International Rank and the 1st Zonal Rank in Gujarat, Daman & Div, Dadra Nagar Haveli in the finals of 16th SOF – National Cyber Olympiad Competition. She has also secured 275th International Rank and 13th Zonal Rank in Gujarat, Daman and Div, Dadra Nagar Haveli Zone in the finals of 19th SOF- National Science Olympiad.

  • Following students qualified for the International Level in Spell Bee International 2016-17

Sr. No



Sr. No




Het Patadia



Svarna Shukla



Khanak Pamnani



Tanak Shah



Prishi Dohlani



Varda Vyas



Rudransh Chaturvedi



Vedika Trivedi



Smit Patel



Zena Patel



Bhavya Sheth



Dhruv Chaudhary



Aditya Kulkarni



Rudra Solanki



Anvesh Dubey



Saurya Patel



Devaj Parikh



Darsh Joshi



Diya Patil



Dhyana Patel



Joel Pandya



Dwij Sutariya



Kashyapi Gohil



Het Borawala



Rutwij Patankar



Kavish Shah



Daivik Shah



Pansul Shah



Dhwani Chandwani



Preet Chauhan



Dhwani Pandya



Taha Ranapurwala



Harvi Soni



Vedant Gandhi



Samay Ahuja



Vir Shah



Soham Dhone


  • Spell Bee International: 2016-17
Brightians received Medals and Certificate of Achievement at State Level in Spell Bee International: 2016-17.
Ananya Akruwala of Std. IX D is selected for the intermediate level of International Space Olympiad.
Sonal Poonia of Std. IX A is awarded with a certificate and a medal for the exemplary contribution and performance in Swachchagraha in Vadodara city for the year 2016-17.
Jainil Joglekar of Std. IX A bagged the 1st place in Kumite Gujarat State in 8th National Level Championship. All India Shito Ryu Karate Championship 2017.  He also bagged a trophy for the Best player, Gold Medal in Kata and Silver Medal in fight Kumite in 2nd Wado India National Karate Championship – 2017; in the presence of Mr. Katasuyuki Kohama – World Child Ryokukan and Shri Bharat Danger, Mayor Vadodara.
Shubham Darji of Std. VI A bagged the 2nd position and Param Darji of Std. III A secured the 4th position at “World Environment Day – 2017” Drawing and Message Competition organized by Divya Bhaskar.
Jenish Gandhi of Std. V B secured the 2nd position in drawing & painting competition organized by Department of Environmental Studies, The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, and also bagged the best student trophy for participating in Nature Camp organized by Gujarat Nature Conversation Society.
Priya Hirpara of Std. XI is the winner of ‘APP’ prize at Zonal Level in Camel Art Contest – Worlds largest art contest.
Aditi Aswal of Std. III G received trophy and certificate of appreciation in Camel Art Contest (Zonal Level) organized by Camlin.


  • Smyrna Isaac of Std. IX E, Aayush Dikshit of Std. X E and Prayag Bhatt of Std. IX E along with the mentor Ms. Kinnari Shah participated in the Annual Inter School Quiz organized by Association of British Scholars and Bright Day School.
  • Aayush Naik, Dhyey Patel, Ansh Shah and Neel Thomas of Std. X D bagged the 1st position and were awarded with certificates and trophies in the 28th Open Gujarat Inter-School Chess Championship 2017.


  • Ansh Shah of Std. X D participated in the 1st Mangrudiya Memorial Lakecity Holi Cup Fide Rating Chess Tournament and secured the 1st position in India U/15 years. He is awarded with a trophy and certificate.
  • Neel Thomas of Std. X D participated in the Gujarat State Under 25 Open Chess Tournament. He also participated in 10th Mumbai Mayor’s Cup International Open Chess Tournament 2017.
  • Jimil Pandit of Std. VII F, Daksh Shah of Std. VI F, Vishwa Sheth of  Std. VII F, Jenith Sharma of Std. VI A participated and Himanshi Pandit of    Std. IV B secured the 3rd position in Inter School Chess Tournament. Himanshi  also received a Medal in Chess Competition organized by Vadodara Chess Association.
Swarna Shukla of Std. III D received a medal in Chess Tournament held at Sama Sports Stadium.
Purvanshu Patel of Std. VII B bagged 2 Bronze and 1 Silver Medal and Nishit Parikh of Std. VI D bagged 2 Gold and 1 Bronze Medal in Rank One Skating.
Rutva Pandya of I C secured 3rd position in Rink Race 1 in Warrior Invitational Open State Roller Skating Championship held at Ahmedabad from 2nd to 4th June 2017.
Harshil Makwana of Std. VIII A secured the quarter finalist’s position in Talent Series of All India Ranking Tennis Tournament 2017 in the category of Boy’s U/14 singles. He also participated in the Boys U-14 Open Baroda Tennis Tournament and secured the runner up position.
Kushagra Raygandhi of Std. VI F bagged the Runner up trophy in male singles badminton organized by Gujarat Region Indoor Sports Tournament 2017.
Brinda Shinde of Std. VI E secured the 3rd position in the 1st Open Gujarat Badminton Championship 2017 in girls under 15 years event held at Bhavnagar.
Karuna Sharma of Std. VI A is promoted to the rank of 8th Kyu Yellow Belt and is awarded the certificate of proficiency.
Jenith Sharma of Std. VI A participated in 2nd Wado India National Karate Championship 2017.

Krish Shah of Std. VI B represented Gujarat state in 8th National Level Championship, All India Shito Ryu Karate Championship 2017 in Kumite.

  • The following students successfully completed Vedic Mathematics – Basic level workshop on Tables.
Parth Rathod Std. VI D and Urvashi Nathani of Std. V C successfully completed basic level in Vedic Maths and received a trophy.
Tejsa Bajaj of Std. V C cleared government exam in music with 1st class. Kadam Shah of Std. VI F completed Basic level in Vedic Mathematics.
Naman Khyani of Std. III E and Bhavya Khanchandani of Std. III B received certificate of Acknowledgement in Vedic Mathematics organized by Rudraksh Academy.
  • Following students participated in International English Olympiad and won Medals.
Nitya Gandhi of Std. V C is awarded with a certificate and a gold medal for participating in 5th All India Children and Youth Art Exhibition.
Dhruv Makhijani of Std. V E participated in drawing competition organized by Kotak Mahindra Bank
Panshul Shah of Std. IV A received a certificate for participating in the Picasso Drawing Competition
Vir Shah and Jainam Shah of Std. VI D are awarded with a merit award certificate for participating in the 5th All India Children and Youth Art Exhibition.
  • Following students received certificate of participation in the drawing competition organized by Kotak Mahindra Bank.
Parthak Valiya of Std. III G participated in Drawing Competition. His drawing was selected twice in Divya Bhaskar.
Rajrani Bose of Std. III A received a certificate in Drawing Competition organized by Max Little Icon.
Swara Ray Gandhi of Std. III C had participated in Indoor Sports Tournament 2017 conducted by Jain Social Group Sayaji Nagari JSG Vadodara.
Anushyaa Kaithwas of Std. V B bagged the 3rd place in 50 m. Free style in girls group in Baroda district for participating in 44th – 34th sub. Junior Gujarat State Aquatic Championship.
Prachi Nathani of Std. V B passed the International standard of UCMAS ABACUS Computation Proficiency examination. She got 100% in Elementary B level in UCMAS.
Krisha Shah of Std. VI E and Vishruti Kanzariya of Std. V B have successfully completed elementary A and B from UCMAS Centre.
Arya Saraf of Std. IV G completed elementary B round - UCMAS.
Tarannum Thoppalada of Std. VII D has completed Basic level, Elementary A, of UCMAS.
Pratiti Trivedi of Std. IV B received a certificate of Elementary level from UCMAS. She has also received a certificate for participating in ABACUS Mental Arithmetic Proficiency Exam.
Het Panchal of Std. VI A completed Advance Level in UCMAS.
Taksh Sikotariya of Std. IV E got distinction in UCMAS. He has also received a trophy in ABACUS and Mental Arithmetic Proficiency Exam.
Dev Panchal of Std. IV G completed Basic and Elementary level of UCMAS.Hussain Bhaisaheb of Std. IV E completed Intermediate A with 100% from UCMAS.
Gungun Sejwani of Std. III D participated in UCMAS ABACUS MENTAL ARITHMETIC
Mohammed Najib Thoppalada of Std.III-C received a Certificate in UCMAS. Kavish Shah of Std. IV B, Vir Shah of Std. IV D, Vedant Gandhi of Std. IV B, Darsh Joshi of Std. IV A, Dhwani Pandya of Std. III E, Joel Pandya of Std.III E, Kashyapi Gohil of Std. III E, Zena Patel of Std. III E, Tanak Shah of Std. III E, Bhavya Sheth Std. II E, Dhwani Chandwani of Std. III B, Samay Ahuja III D. attended the language leadership Camp conducted by Spell Bee International in association with I.N.D.I.A Trust.
Rudra Gandhi of Std. V E and Param Desai of Std. V G participated in a dance show and received a Medal
Aditya Singh of Std. IX C participated in All Gujarat Dance Competition. He is also awarded with a certificate of achievement by Fed Dance Academy.
Devansh Gavli of Std. V B participated in Roll Ball State Championship.
  • Aditya Patel of Std. IV A, Durva Vadgama of Std. VII F and Dhruv Shah of Std. IX E received a gold medal each in National Cube Championship.
Jash Punjabi of Std. V C got first class in vocal exam and playing key board.
Krishna Bhagchandani of Std. VII E got distinction in Music –Vocal and guitar. He has also received a gold medal in National Cube championship.
  • Following students participated in Summer Sitare 2017 (Dance performance) organized by Stylo Dance Academy.
Khushi Mehta of Std. VI D is awarded with a certificate in Dance Competition.
Rutva Shah of Std. V C participated in Beginner’s Belly Dance Workshop.
Mannat Makhijani of Std. III D received trophy and title of Miss Sindhi Junior Baroda.
Shreyasi Swain of Std. III A stood first and received a certificate in Sangeet Praveshika Exam organized by Gandharva Mahavidhyalaya Trust.
Nain Gangwani of Std. V B participated in Fashion show organized by the  Maharaja Sayajirao University.
Priyanshu Sharma of Std. IV E bagged a trophy in fashion show.



  • On 22.04.2017, Std. II students participated in ‘Handwriting Competition’. The students wrote a short paragraph in good handwriting within a stipulated time. It included presentation, legibility of written content, neatness and the spacing between words.

  • On 22.04.2017, Std.III students participated in ‘G.K Contest’. The event witnessed enthusiastic preparation and participation. Questions related to current affairs, science, sports and many more were given. Such competitions increase knowledge and competitive spirit of the students.

  • On 22.04.2017, Std. IV & V students participated in ‘Best Out of Waste’ Competition to showcase their creativity and innovative ideas to make things out of waste. Students made pen and pencil stand, flower vase, musical instruments and many more items which we use in our daily life or for decorating purposes.

  • On 22.04.2017, Std. VI and VII students participated in ‘Computer Quiz’. The students got an opportunity to enhance team spirit. There were 6 teams, and the rounds were – General Round, Identify the personality and Rapid Fire Round.

  • On 22.04.2017, Std. VIII and IX students participated in ‘Extempore’. Students were given the topics on the spot and participants had to present their views, ideas and thoughts in 1 Minute time limit. Participants very confidently and enthusiastically expressed their thoughts on the given topics.

  • On 21.07.2017, Std. I & II students participated in ‘Recitation Competition’. Poetry recitation helped students to deliver feelings with rhythm and expression. This competition saw students come up with variety of poems which focused on ‘Save the Girl Child’, ‘Save Tigers’, and ‘Save Earth’.

  • On 21.07.2017, Std. III students participated in Story Telling Competition. The competition helped each child to enhance their speaking skills. All the participants came well prepared with very interesting moral based stories.

  • On 21.07. 2017, Std. IV&V students participated in ‘General Knowledge Quiz competition’. It comprised of rounds covering topics of language and literature, sports, science, information technology and current affairs. The participants had to go through astonishing and mind blogging questions which made the competition very interesting and challenging.

  • On 21.07. 2017, Std. VI & VII students participated in ‘Light Music Competition’. The participants were selected through a semifinal round. The participants sang song well with accompaniments. They mesmerized the audience with their wonderful efforts. The children learnt to co-ordinate their voices with the musical instruments.

  • On 21.07.2017, Std. VIII & IX students participated in ‘Heritage Quiz’. The  five groups were Chanakya, Vishwamitra, Kapila, Bharadwaj, Patanjali and Sushruta. Each group consisted of four participants. There were five rounds namely - written Round ‘Jai Jai Garvi Gujarat’, General Round, Visual Round, Buzzer Round and Rapid Fire Round. The Quiz promoted curiosity, exploration and excitement amongst the students and it was truly informative and fun filled learning experience.


It is very well said that encouragement always pushes the person to perform much better than what he already has. To experience the true meaning of democracy, the school provided a platform to the students to elect their representatives by casting their vote for the candidates nominated for different posts of Students Council Election. The event was held on 27.06.2017 in the school premises. The students were very enthusiastic throughout the electoral procedure.


Vice President - Vaishnavi Bhoite
General Secretary - Harsh Pandya
Head Boy - Rishiraj
Head Girl - Smyrna Isaac


Tejas House

Alok House

Ujjwal House

Ojas House


Ayan Mukherjee

Meet Chheda

Khushi Shah

Apurva Sanghvi

Vice Captain

Harshul Dawani

Shaili Parikh

Rutansh Desai

Nakul Acharya




Cultural Committee

Snehal Shandilya

Bharvi Patel

Eco Club

Rishi Dedhia

Keshav Desai

Discipline Committee

Asita Sheth

Ayush Ganatra

Science Club

Siddharth Singh

Sonal Poonia

Health Club

Priya Hirpara

Neha Bulchandani

Maintenance Club

Kushal Ahuja

Niki Odedra

Sports Leader      

Adit Shah


Darshan Mali



  • On 17.06.2017, Std. I and Std. II students participated in ‘Memory game’. This helped the students to think faster and quicker. This activity was planned for the students wherein 100% participation was assured. Std. I participants were shown 15 items and Std. II were shown 20 items for 15 minutes. Then the students made a list of the items that were shown and the student who could list the maximum items was declared the winner in each class.
  • On 17.06.17, Std. VIII & IX students participated in ‘Web Designing Activity’ It was to enhance creativity of students to forefront. The hidden talents were reflected in the blogs presented by them. The topic for Std. VIII was Digital India and for Std. IX Heritage -Vadodara, Environment Day & Yoga for Health & Fitness. Participants proved and exhibited their skills by their creative presentations.



  • International Yoga Day
Yoga Day : International Yoga Day was observed by the Brightians in many ways. Yoga embodies unity of mind and body, thought and action. To make students realize importance of yoga for prevention of diseases and good health. Certain common postures were demonstrated and students too performed yoga like Pranayam, Anulom, Vilom. The teachers shared information on the importance of Yoga and its benefit. Other than the discussion, in the morning assembly students also shared various ideas related to Yoga for healthy body, mind and soul. Students displayed their painting, drawing in their classrooms and students of Std. IX and X performed Yoga together under the guidance of Yoga Teacher Ms. Chitra.
  • Investiture Ceremony

On 12.07.2017, Brightians moved towards a new chapter of their life where they got on opportunity to be dutiful towards their school, teachers and juniors by taking up the responsibilities given to them.The Investiture Ceremony, where in all the new  office bearers of Students Council were officially sworn in.

The ceremony began with a prayer by students. According to the saying, “The old order gives way to the new order”, the members of Students Council solemnly took the oath to perform their duties with sincerity and to make their school proud. The principal Mrs. Neeta Sharma preceded the oath taking ceremony. Managing Trustee Shri Simit Shah addressed the Council members and congratulated them on their victory. Managing Trustee Shri Simit Shah, Principal Neeta Sharma and Head Mistress Dr. Deepshika Shukla honoured them with sashes and badges.


As a part of professional enrichment, teachers participated in various workshops held by Gyan Sarovar Sahodaya on 22.07.2017.
  • Ms. Upma, Ms. Laxmi Sagar, Ms. Nayna Kapasi and Ms. Nimisha Shah attended  the Maths Workshop at Navrachana School, Sama. The resource person Ms. Poornima Menon, emphasized on teaching of Mathematics using various  activities, relating with real life situations.
  • Ms. Preet Avtani, Ms. Alka Nisarta, Ms. Debasri Chakraborty and Ms. Sangeeta Gandhi attended English Workshop at D R Amin School. The teachers were enriched about how to use ‘Love, Laughter and Learning in English Classroom’. Ms. Hema Shrivastava - the resource person focused on 4C’s, they were collaboration, correspondence, communication and comprehension. She also emphasized on the various skills such as critical thinking and creativity and also to use real life situations to teach so that, students could connect themselves with the world. Teachers of Std. IX & X attended the workshop of Ms. Barnali Sengupta. She highlighted on paper pattern and marking scheme of Uniform System of Assessment, Examination for classes IX &X from the Academic Year 2017-18 onwards.
  • Ms. Shashi Sharma, Ms. Isha Sharma teachers attended Social Science Workshop at New Era Higher Secondary School, Sama. The resource person Ms. Rashmi Vajpayee stressed on the methods of teaching of Social Science and how to inculcate the values of an aware and responsible citizen. The activities focused on Map Work, teaching of landforms using 3D structures and many more such tools. Ms. Kinnari Joshi, Mr. Rakesh Sharma attended the workshop of Teaching of Social Science. Ms. Rupa Sarma , the resource person discussed about the paper pattern and marking scheme of Uniform System of Assessment, Examination for classes IX &X from Academic Year 2017-18 onwards. She also emphasized on taking the guidelines from NCF 2005 while teaching Social Science. Some objectives  related to teaching of Social Science were discussed such as how to equip learners with skills for being a global citizen, inculcate critical appreciation for conservation and environmental concerning issues, universal values of peace, compassion, humility, trustworthiness, courage, patience and sensitize towards social issues like poverty, child labour, illiteracy, discrimination based on caste and class and many more.
  • Ms. Mansi Jani and Ms. Hetal Parekh attended the Maths Workshop at St. Kabir. The resource person Ms. Kiran Singh highlighted on the methods to improve accuracy & fluency with pronunciation, listening skills and how students can be motivated to learn the difficult aspects in an interesting manner. Ms. Sudha and Ms. Shalini showed different activities to make Maths and Science subjects interesting. It aimed to help students to learn and understand the concepts through innovative activities.
  • Ms. Maya Jangir, Ms. Swetha Das, Ms. Preeti Solanki, Ms. Usha Nair, Ms. Lucky Singh, Ms. Keka Ghosh, Ms. Darshan Kaur, Ms. Madhushree Mukherjee, Mr. Hemant Rane, Mr. Anil Dhanwani and Ms. Nidhi Kaithwas attended the workshop ‘Teenage problems and solutions’, held at Bright Day School, CBSE Vasna Unit. It was an interactive session by Ms. Neeta Mehta, the resource person who stressed upon the problems related to adolescents and discussed the solutions related to it. The session was for teachers to conduct such sessions in school, in an open and friendly manner.