Bright Day School Vadodara

Primary to Senior Secondary – CBSE Unit, Karelibaug (August 2017 and September 2017)

  1. Dhairya Soni of Std. VIII A and Tanay Patel of Std. VIII E from Middle School Level were the Regional Winners in World Wild Wisdom Quiz 2017 held at Valsad and Sashwat Pathak of Std. V D and Shivam Trivedi of Std. V G were the 1st Runner’s up in Junior School Category. The Winner team will participate at National Level, to be held at New Delhi shortly.


Mitanshu Shah of Std.VII B bagged the 1st position in ‘Certificate Designing in the Tech Nav Fest 2017’ organized by Navrachana School, Sama.
  • Manvitha Malapaka of Std. VII F bagged the 1st position in Vyaktigat Geet Spardha, Yena Shah of Std. VIII C bagged the 2nd position in Subhashitani Competition and Kandarp Solanki of Std. IX B bagged the 3rd position in ‘Vakrtutva Spaddha’ organized by Devsayujayam Sanskrit Pratisthanam at Sanskrit Mahavidhyalaya, MSU.
Ananya Akruwala of Std. IX D is selected for International Space Olympiad at National Level.The following students participated in Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA), Ministry of Petroleum and Gas Govt. of India keeping the objective of fuel conservation.
  • The following students have secured various positions in Khelmahakumbh 2017.
  • Swimming :- Meet Pandit of Std.VI D secured the 3rd place at District level, Anushya Kaithwas of Std. V B secured the 1st place at District level & is selected for State Level.
  • Wrestling :- Yash Sharma of Std. VIII E secured the 2nd position in U-14. Tushar Sharma of Std. IV C secured the 3rd position in U-14.
  • Yoga :- Jyotier Vithalani of Std. VI F secured the 3rd position at District Level.
  • Shot Put :- Sanket Patel of Std. X B secured the 3rd position at District and selected for State Level U/17.
  • Running Race :- Aryan Jain of Std. X A selected for State Level, Dhairya Verdia of Std. V E selected for District Level in 50 Mt, Aamir Jinwala of Std. IX C won two Silver Medals in 300 Mt & 1000 Mt at District Level, Rutvesh Patel of Std. IX C secured the 3rd position in 500 Mt & 1000 Mt U/17, Malav Bhabor of Std. VIII D secured the 1st position in 300 Mt, 500 Mt & 1000 Mt U/14 at District Level, Nishit Parikh of Std. VII D secured the 3rd position in 300 Mt & 1000 Mt U/14, Purvanshu Patel of Std. VII D secured the 2nd position in 300 Mt & 1000 Mt U/14 at District Level
  • Skating :- Vidhi Sheth of Std. X C secured the 1st position in 1000 Mt & 300 Mt in time trial race.
  • Loom & Zoom Running Race :- Mohammad Naqeeb of Std. X C selected for District Level in Loom Race, Mohammad Atib Saiyad of Std. VI F selected for Zoom Race at District level in U/17, Farhan Palanpurwala of Std.VII F secured the 3rd position at District Level.
  • Handball :- Vanshika Tiwari Std. VIII A, Kruti Darsandiya, Sanskruti Sonawane Std. VIII B are selected for State Level U/14. Ms. Chitra Gavli, Sports Teacher secured the 1st position in Open Women’s Category.
  • Badminton :- Harshil Makwana of Std. VIII A secured the 3rd position at District Level.


Vidhi Shah of Std. III B bagged a trophy in academic exam organized by Maheshwar Yuva Sangathan.
Daksh Shah of Std.VI F secured the 1st position in Khelmahakumbh Chess Tournament, he participated in Chess Tournament organized by Chess Association of Vadodara, and also participated in Open Baroda Rapid Chess Tournament organized by JCI Baroda Metropolitan.
Neel Thomas of Std. X D and Ansh Shah of Std. X D participated in Gujarat State Under-17 Chess Tournament.
Arya Andore of Std. V E and Jenith Sharma of Std VI A participated in Open Baroda Rapid Chess Tournament organized by JCI Baroda Metropolitan.
Het Bhatt of Std. V G received a certificate in Chess Organized by Chess Association of Vadodara.
Krishna Patel of Std.VII F received a Gold Medal and Tushar Sharma of Std. IX C received a Bronze Medal in Sub-Junior Judo Championship organized by Baroda District Judo Association.
Karuna Sharma of Std. VI A received two gold medals in 8th Independent National Open Karate Championship.
Sonali Singh of Std. II A secured the 3rd position in 2nd Wado India National Karate Championship.
Sneha Sarwade of Std. VIII C participated in 2nd Wado Indian National Karate Championship organized by International Wado Federation India.
Aarohi Mittal of Std. VIII D received entry level award in Graded Exam in music performance in Initial Electronic Keyboard with merit, organized by Trinity College London.
Rahul Gurjar of Std. V A secured the 1st position in cadet singles event of Baroda Public School’s Table Tennis Tournament.
Umang Tilewala of Std. V B participated in Summer Vacation-Nature Camp organized by Gujarat Nature Conservation Society.
Jenish Gandhi of Std. V B participated in Painting Exhibition organized by Aditya School of Fine Arts. He secured the 1st position in Eco friendly Ganesh Sculpting at Bal Bhavan Society and also secured the 1st position in making clay model of Ganesh Idol competition held at Maharaja Fateh sigh Museum.
  • The following students have received medals/awards in the 47th International Children’s Art Exhibition 2017 organized by Venus Academy of Fine Arts, Baroda.
Hardik Warialani of Std. V G received a certificate in Art and Drawing Competition.
Vidhi Kataria of Std. VI E completed 4 years of Bharatnatyam with second class from Gandharva Mahavidhyalaya Trust, Ahmedabad.
Shagun Jain of Std. V B passed with distinction in 1st year and first class in 2nd year of Bharatnatyam from Gandharva Mahavidhayalya Trust, Ahmedabad.
  • Het Patel of Std. VI F received Certificate for securing 2nd class in Tabla Vandan, 3rd class in Gayan and Harmonium vadan from Gandharva Mahavidhyalaya Trust, Ahmedabad. Krishna Joshi of Std. VI C and Khushvi Shah of Std. VI C secured the distinction in Bharatnatyam.
Rishiraj Brahambhatt of Std. IX E passed the 1st and 2nd year of vocal with distinction and Rudra Thakkar of Std. IV B passed the Sangeet Praveshika Pratham in keyboard with 1st class from Gandharva Mahavidhyalaya Trust, Ahmedabad.
Y. Ananya of Std. VII D secured the 13th rank in music 2nd year of Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya.
  • The following students passed Bharatnatyam Praveshika and Pratham exam successfully.
Utsav Patel of Std. X D received a trophy in Boys Singles and winner in doubles and he also secured the 4th position in Badminton and is selected for National School Games at State level.
Kushagraha Raigandhi of Std. VI F bagged the 1st position in doubles and the 3rd position in Intra Bal Bhavan Badminton Tournament.
Priyal Shah of Std. V D and Parthi Shah of Std. IV A participated in Inter and Intra Bal Bhavan Badminton Tournament.
Harsh Thakkar of Std. V B got B Grade in MaRRs Maths Bee at School Level.
Himani Tilokani of Std. V G received a certificate and a medal and Gehna Jagyasi of Std. IV F received a certificate and a trophy in Vedic Mathematics.
Het Patadiya of Std. II F participated in Language Leadership Camp 2017 conducted by Spell Bee International.
  • Brightians received various positions in 13th State Level-UCMAS Examination.
Vishruti Kanzariya of Std. V B participated in the International Standard of UCMAS ABACUS COMPUTATION (ZHUSUAN) Proficiency Examination with grade 11.
Sai Prajapati of Std. VII B received a certificate of participation in Mind Power Unlimited Core Programme.
Navdha Pandya of Std. V A received a certificate in completing the Mind Brain Activation Course.
Manav Patel of Std. IX C and Raj Muni of Std. IX A received participation certificate in Gujarat State Handball held at Gandhinagar and got selected in Trial Sub Junior Boys.
Aayush Dikshit of Std. X E secured the 3rd position and Nagesh Parmar of Std. X A received a participation certificate in Inter School Speech Competition organized by Paschimanchal Hindi Prachar Samiti.


  • On 11.08.2017 Std. I & II A students participated in Card Making competition, the topic for Std I was A Birthday card & for Std II Independence Day card.
  • On 12.08.2017 Std. II & III students participated in Card Making competition.  The topic for the competition was Independence Day for Std. II and Festivals for Std.III. All the students participated with great enthusiasm and zeal. All the students came up with their creativity and artistic skills.
  • On 12.08.2017 Std. IV & V students participated in Patriotic Song Competition. The auditorium was filled with children brimming with enthusiasm and eagerness to showcase their talent. A wide range of patriotic songs were presented. Each child had worked hard to comprehend the lyrics and sing the song with conviction. Their songs invoked a strong sense of patriotism in each one who listened. The auditorium was resplendent with the true feeling of belongingness and pride. 
  • On 12.08.2017 Std. VI & VII students participated in Elocution Competition. It gave an opportunity to the students to be a good orator and present their views about the given topic with proper voice modulation, gestures and expressions. Students with their greatest interest meshed all the elements together and performed vivaciously.
  • On 12.08.2017 Std. VIII and IX students participated in Mehndi and Card Making competition. This competition gave a platform to the students to show their creativity and innovative ideas.



On the commemoration of 70th Anniversary of Independence and 75th Anniversary of Quit India Movement Brightians pledged to make India Clean (Swachh) and rid the country from the problem of poverty, corruption, terrorism, communalism and casteism in the next five years that is when the nation completes 75 years of its independence in 2022.



The Principal Ms. Neeta Sharma screened a short documentary ‘Komal’ for Brightians. She explained the students about ‘Safe touch’. She explained the students how to protect oneself with a firm No, stressing to share anything & everything with ones mother or father. The film has also won the national film award in the category of ‘Best Educational Film’ to create awareness among school children about inappropriate touch.




Brightians celebrated Rakshabandhan with great enthusiasm. Rakshabandhan is a festival which is celebrated to strengthen the bond between brothers and sisters. With this thought, we had our morning assembly devoted to this auspicious day where students shared their views, thoughts and ideas about the festival. Citing the historical event, religious belief and tradition was passed on to the students which made them realize the importance of Rakshabandhan is not only a sacred festival for brothers and sisters but also about “Fraternity”. Students made Rakhis under the guidance of Art and Craft teachers and the same was also displayed. Students earned acknowledgement from parents, visitors, schoolmates and teachers.


Brightians celebrated the nation’s 70th Independence Day and remembered with gratitude the sacrifice of the freedom fighters. Students along with teacher sang patriotic songs and the celebration ended with the national anthem with vocal accompaniment by the students.


On 10.08.17 students of Std. II & III celebrated Janmashtami Mahotsav. They were dressed in different Lord Krishna and Gopis and many other characters. The event comprised of group dance on the life of Krishna followed by matki phod event. All the students of Std. IV danced at the time of celebration.


Lord Ganesh’s sthapana was held with great devotion. Brightians engaged themselves to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi in an environment-friendly manner. For more than 20 days the art teacher during the art period devoted her time to help students prepare clay on their own which was made with white flour & refined oil. Students were continuously guided as how to mould the clay to form Ganpati into proper shape and also how to give final touch to it. The beautiful creations were displayed in the auditorium along with many paper craft techniques, drawings, paintings. Our Art teacher prepared a beautiful replica of Lord Ganesha using Card boards, which took care of the waste management concept. She had prepared every bit of the idol from the “Used” items.


The day to bid goodbye to Lord Ganesha. A Rally was taken out to spread awareness about the different social issues present in the society. So that, along with the “visarjan”, the evil powers also go away and we all become enlightened, responsible citizens. A group of mythological characters were made ready, Swachcha Bharat Abhiyan idea was also implemented, women empowerment and many more ideas were taken to explore and understand and finally the Lord was immersed in water tub in the school premises the Brightians have been following since years. Yes , it was eco-friendly way and we believe Lord Ganesha is present in the school because the same clay has been used to plant a sapling in our school premises and likewise, Ganesha’s blessings will always remain with all of us.


Enthusiasm and festivity marked the Teachers’s Day celebration at School. The school campus was gripped with fervor as the students made the day a memorable experience for the teachers. It was the day for both students and teachers to look back, get inspired by Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan and his principles and also to pay tribute to this great visionary. Students performed a dance exclusively for the teachers and presented a card on behalf of the management with a beautiful and inspirational message. The Student-Teachers enjoyed a lot with the teachers as they got an opportunity to be a teacher on this day and teach their juniors.


Brightians observed major Dhyanchand’s birthday by celebrating National Sports Day in school premises by promoting the idea of importance of sports in our life. Students played volley-ball and kho-kho against the teams as decided by the sports teachers.


14.09.2017, students of Std. I & II participated in various activities such as poster making, recitation of Hindi poems and students of Std. V participated in skit to aware their fellow- mates as why it is necessary for all of us to keep our surroundings clean. They with the help of their Hindi subject teacher prepared short poems for the skit and beautifully expressed the ideas of ‘Swachach Bharat Abhiyan’. They also pledged that they will not litter chocolate wrappers, throw the waste in the dust bin, use dust bins, they will try not to increase the consumption of things but to reuse the products. Many ideas were shared by the students which made us realize that we all are responsible to keep our surroundings clean along with this the assembly was conducted in Hindi. Students read about the facts, historical background and importance of Hindi Diwas.


The students played non-stop Garba fantastically in traditional costumes. They swayed to the tunes of Maa Amba. It reflected the spiritual values and also exhibited the rich culture of Gujarat. All the students rhythmically danced. Everyone celebrated the festival with extreme merriment and pomp. The presence of Chairman Sir Shri Jayendrabhai Shah, Managing Trustee Shri Simit Shah, Madam Sonali Simit Shah, Principal Madam Neeta Sharma encouraged the students. The students were felicitated for Best Performance & Costume.