Bright Day School Vadodara

VASNA CBSE UNIT :- Std I to IV ( April 2018 to July 2018 )


  • 13th Foundation Day :- 16-04-2018

13th Foundation Day was celebrated on 16th April’18. As a part of this celebration a special program was conducted wherein new school song, was sung, a small music-beat presentation of ‘BRIGHT DAY SCHOOL’ was conducted. Class teachers made the students play indoor games such as Spell a thon, Quiz, school Alas, vocabulary game with the theme based on ‘School’. To make students aware about school & its philosophy.

  • World Heritage Day :- 18-04-2018

World Heritage Day was celebrated on 18th April’18. Students brought information about their Native places and customs & rituals followed since 3-4 generation in the family. The information was then shared in the class & scrap books were also displayed. This enabled them to understand the rich heritage culture being followed and family traditions carried out. A special heritage quiz was conducted for Class III & IV by showing them the pictures of heritage sites of India & identifying their names. It focussed on conserving & protecting our heritage sites.

  • Earth Day - Trees Plantation :- 22-04-2018

As India was hosting for the Earth Day celebration and the theme was ‘Beat Plastic No. Pollution Class – I – Palm printing with message on it.’

Class II made with message day work book covers with message on it.

Class III calendar making of their Birthday month.

Class IV used waste plastic bottles to grow a plant in it aiming to reuse waste bottles by reducing pollution.
  • World Book Earth Day :- 23-04-2018

On this day, students of class I to IV read story books. Story reviews were written by the students mentioning about their favourite characters of the story.



  • Plant Nursery
Class – II students were taken to ‘Plant Nursery’ to observe different types of plants and its parts.


  • Akshayapatra
Class – IV were taken for a field trip to ‘Akshayapatra’ wherein students interacted with the staff and learnt about its working & services they provide by supplying clean & hygienic food to more than 6oo schools everyday.