Bright Day School Vadodara

KG SECTION - VASNA GSEB UNIT June 2018 and July 2018


  • First Day :- 18-06-2018 & 21-06-2018
" Welcome Welcome!"
Greet our day.
Time for work & time for play.
School is where we love to be.
Friends together you & me!"
Today our little ones enjoyed their first day of school. All our children had different feelings for the new place "School" like happiness, excitement etc.
They were nicely settled down in their respective classes & made new friends. To make this moment memorable they had wonderful photo session with their friends.


  • Puppet Show :- 04.07.2018
At Bright we believe in enhancing the ability to feel and express emotions among our children which was experienced by our Jr.KG. children today through Puppet show.


  • My Family :- 18.07.2018
As a part of E.V.S project "My Family" we have organised different games like Run to papa, Hit me & Whose is this? for our children.

Through this games children are able to identify different family members & their names like Father, Mother, Grandfather etc. and their relation too.


  • Flexi Fun :- 26.07.2018
Children need to be active everyday to promote their healthy growth and development. To fulfill this goal, We had organized fantastic flexi fun for our children.

Through this activity the children enthusiastically moved and twist their bodies on musical beats.