Bright Day School Vadodara

KG Section - VIP Unit (Karelibaug) August 2017 and September 2017



Bullseye !Rudra R. Shah of Jr. KG. - E, you deserve a pat! Incredible Efforts.Bright Institution is proud of you for getting selected in Final round of SUPER DANCER - 2 (Frames Production Company)
Wish you great success on the road map of your journey.


The prize winners are a true representation of everything that we stand for, here at Bright. It is through achievements that we are clearly able to see the skill and commitment of the staff and the students.


Art is one’s personal diary where one can colour his/her thoughts and emotions on a page and written work reflects high level of knowledge and concept clearance. Through this competition, students sketched their imagination on canvas.



  • LETS TALK - 23-08-2017 (Playgroup)

"THINK TIDY"- Our safety depends on cleanliness.

Children learnt the first lesson and importance of personal care through various objects which they had brought. Tiny tots also learnt different vocabulary and the concept " to be clean is to be healthy."


  • LETTER (Ae to Ee) - 15-09-2017 (Playgroup)

Language : An essential mode of communication. Letter activity day was a fun experience for the children. With full enthusiasm they explored various objects and gained knowledge.


  • MARKET DAY - 23-08-2017 (Jr. KG.)

Fruits and Vegetables are natural source of energy and foundation of healthy diet. Little Vegans learnt fruits and veggies are nature's treat and easy to grab for a snack.They also got to know about washing,peeling,taste,smell,colour and texture of each fruit and vegetable. All the children enjoyed having fruit chat and delicious soup, and were quite thrilled to know these super foods are far better than junk foods.


  • CLEANLINESS DAY - 13-09-2017 (Jr. KG.)

Cleanliness is very important for keeping most of diseases at bay. Bright Play Centre took a step to inculcate hygienic habits in children right from early childhood. Recently the spread of Swine Flu reminded us how important it is to keep ourselves clean.Little Doctors and Nurses held a booth to check personal hygiene of their fellow friends. Teachers helped little ones realize that school is our second home, so it is our duty to keep it clean as well.


  • WATER, TOUCH AND FEEL - 24-08-2017 (Sr. KG.)

“…..Let’s explore with new concepts….."

“First hand experience signifies the learning” to make it fruitful,children brought various materials of different textures and experimented with them.They also categorized the things into floating and sinking objects.



  • PUPPET SHOW - 22-09-2017 (Playgroup)
Puppets provide an essential link between learning and play. Children of Playgroup enjoyed the puppet show.


  • GRANDPARENTS DAY- 4th , 6th , 7th and 8th September 2017 (Playgroup)

"Grandparents are a delightful blend of laughter,caring deeds,wonderful stories and love."They fill the world with blessings and love. On this unforgettable day our little angels made strong bonds with their grandparents and made them recall their own childhood.



  • DESH MERA RANGILA - 04.08-2017 (Sr. KG - E and J)
A praiseworthy project 'DeshMeraRangila' projected various festivals celebrated in our country and also gave the message that we should respect culture and tradition of our country.


  • RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE - 14.09.2017 (Sr. KG - A and L)

A praiseworthy project “Rumble In D Jungle” gave knowledge about animals and birds, their habits, habitants and characteristics. Tarzan and Mowgli gave the message ……“Nurture Nature for Better Future”.


  • RAINBOW OF LIFE - 22.09.2017 (Sr. KG - B and N)

Stage shows are important for preparing students to live and work in a world as it reinforces students to be team - oriented. 
Brightians exhibited a fantabulous stage show 'Rainbow of life', where they highlighted that if we add values to our life it becomes colourful like a rainbow.


  • SUNSHINE - 26.09.2017 (Sr. KG - D and K)

Project Sunshine portrayed the importance of Sun in our life. Children performed showing Suryanamaskar, various Sun-signs, benefits of Sun and precautions to be taken from extreme heat was shown through fashion show.



  • RAKSHABANDHAN - 04.08.2017
“…..Bahena ne Bhaikikalaipe…..”
Rakshabandhan is the most enduring way to celebrate bond between brothers and sisters. To strengthen this bond with measureless love and warmth this occasion was celebrated among Brightians.


  • GANESH CHATURTHI - 27.08.2017

“…..Shree GaneshayaNamah!!  Lord Ganesha gives us,
A rainbow for every storm,A smile for every tear,
A promise for every care and An answer for every prayer.…..”

Canonical Brightiansensemble in orange apparel welcomed Lord Ganesha with chanting of mantras, hymns and annakut with deity’s blessings.


  • JANMASHTAMI - 10.08.2017 and 11.08.2017

“…..HathiGhodaPalki Jai Kanaiyalal Ki.…..”

Festival celebration and religious austerities are considered as two eyes of Hindu religion. Euphoric Brightians geared up on cloud nine to celebrate Krishnashtami in full swing. Swinging the cradle joyously and magnificent arrival of Lord Krishna with dramatic enhancement, Raas-Leela with the mimic of makhanchor by visualizing matki-phod was the special feature.


  • TEACHERS DAY - 05.09.2017

“…..The Best Teachers are those who show you where to look
But don’t tell you what to see…..”

Teacher’s Day is a special day for the appreciation of teachers. As a good teacher has great influence in shaping the life of an individual, so to honour and acknowledge their countless contribution, cards were given for choosing this profession and moulding the youth of future.


  • NAVRATRI - 27.09.2017

Navratri Euphoria sets in Bright Play Centre. During Navratri Celebration the school premises was bejeweled with colourful attires, jewellery and smiling faces. Children looked elegant swaying in a fusion of dance and devotion.