Bright Day School Vadodara

KG Section - VIP Unit (Karelibaug) August 2019 and September 2019


  • NAVNEET COMPETITION - STD : - Jr. KG. & Sr. KG. ( Date : 8-8-2018 & 10-8-2018)

Art is one’s personal diary where one can colour his/her thoughts and emotions on a page. Through this competition,students sketched their imagination on canvas.

  • Tvesha J. Zanora - Sr. KG. M
  • Pratyush Gide - Sr. KG. B
  • Chinmaya Mission - Std. Jr. KG. and Sr. KG. (04.10.2019)
Kuddos to our little BRIGHTIANS.......
We appreciate the efforts of all the students who participated in the"Geeta Chanting Competition" organized by "Chinmaya Mission".
Congratulations!!!! to the students selected for the next round.
1. Sr. KG. - B RakholiyaDhyan
2. Sr. KG. - F KhairePushya
3. Sr. KG. - G Shah Rudra
4. Sr. KG. - I Patel Saloni



  • Animal Day :- Std : Playgroup (08.08.2019)
Humans rely on animals for food, fiber, labor and companionship. Animals are the gift of nature to us. They are the ones which are closely associated with us in daily life. Children had good time by sharing toy animals with their friends and role play wearing animal masks.


  • Lets Us Talk :- Std : Playgroup (06.09.2019)
Personal Hygiene is a major part of our everyday life. Good hygiene is important for health and social reasons. It entails keeping your hands, head and body clean. Through this activity children learnt different vocabulary and importance of self-care.


  • Letter Activity :- Std : Playgroup (13.09.2019)
Language is an essential mode of communication. To develop conversation ability and enhance pronunciation Letter Activity Day was planned wherein children brought various objects related to letters Aa to Ee.


  • Market Day :- Std : Jr. KG. (28.08.2019)

The more colourful the food, the better!

Eating healthy food and more green is the secret of fitness. Our Bright little vendors got to know the key to this fitness secret by making mouthwatering food chat. They learnt the art of washing, peeling, cutting and arranging these delicious fruits.


  • Cleanliness :- Std : Jr. KG. (20.09.2019)

'Cleanliness - that's our virtue!

Cleanliness brought the objects related to body cleaning and surroundings. This helped them to get a practical knowledge about Body hygiene and surroundings. They could relate the activity with the topic in a creative way.



  • Project - Magical 3 R's (Date : 09.08.2019)
The students of Sr. KG. E and M exhibited a wonderful stage show on "The Magical 3 R's", where in they represented concept of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle to save the earth. They conveyed the message that we should not destroy the beauty of nature by polluting it.

  • Project - I'M Possible (Date : 13.09.2019)
The students of Sr. KG. C and J exhibited a wonderful stage show on I M POSSIBLE where in they represented concept of no matter how difficult things are to achieve nothing is impossible to achieve ,with hard work and dedication.

  • Project - Maa (Date : 27.09.2019)
The students of Sr. KG. B and N exhibited a wonderful stage show on Maa. Maa to jannatkaphoolhai, pyarkarnauskausuulhai. Children expressed their feelings for mother nature, country, teachers and mother through charming and delightful performances.



  • Rangotsav (Date : 06.09.2019)

Competitions play an important role in motivating students to perform and excel.Participation in competition helps students to showcase skills,analyze and evaluate outcome to uncover personal aptitude. Students of Jr. KG.andSr.KG participated in RangotsavColouring and Handwriting Competition.



  • RAKSHABANDHAN - (Date : 14.08.2019)
Rakshabandhan is a festival of keeping memories alive and re-affirmation of love and affection. To honor the bond between brother and sister Rakshabandhan was celebrated in school.


  • GANESH UTSAV CELEBRATION - Date : 04.09.2019

"Oh my friend GaneshaTurehnasaathhamesha"

Ganesh Chaturthi is a 10 day festival to honour the birth of the elephant-headed deity Ganesha, the God of prosperity and wisdom. Ganesh stapna was done at Bright Play Centre with great pomp and children worshiped Vignaharta, to illumine their minds.


  • TEACHERS’ DAY CELEBRATION - Date : 05.09.2019

“…..The Best Teachers are those who show you where to look
But don’t tell you what to see…..”

Teacher’s Day is a special day for the appreciation of teachers. As a good teacher has great influence in shaping the life of an individual, so to honour and acknowledge their countless contribution, cards were given for choosing this profession and moulding the youth of future.


  • JANMASHTAMI (Playgroup) - Date : 22.08.2019 and 23.08.2019
Janmashtamisi celebrated with great fun and gaiety all over the world. It is a festival to celebrate commemorates the birth of Lord Krishna. The ambience of Bright Play Centre was like Dwarka, where little Gopis, Gwalas, cute little Krishnas and beautiful Radhas added the flavours to the traditional celebration of Janmashtami. Event of ‘MatkiPhod’ added the extra colour to the celebration.


"Natkhatkanhaaayedwaar,  lekerapnibansurisaath..."
Holy festival Janmashtami was celebrated with great zeal and pomp. Children enjoyed teachers skit and the event of "Matkiphod".


  • JANMASHTAMI (SR. KG.) - Date : 30-08-2018 & 31-08-2018

At Bright Play Centre,tiny tots lent Janmashtami a special touch

Janmashtami,the birth of Lord Krishna was celebrated with great pomp, festivity and skit by the students of Sr.KG; dressed as Radha-Krishna they gave a traditional touch to the entire celebration.The cute Radha, Krishna,Gopis and Gwalas danced on the beats of Janmashtami songs filling the ambience with joy and festive spirit.