Bright Day School Vadodara

KG Section - VIP Unit (Karelibaug) December 2017 and January 2018


  • VEGETABLE DAY - 01-12-2017 (Playgroup)
"Veggies are yummy for tummy"
Vegetables are the best source to remain healthy. To bring awareness about the importance of vegetables, children came dressed as vegetable vendors. They also brought real vegetables, flash cards of different vegetable recipes and relished the salad with their friends.


  • LETTER (Kk to Nn) - 18-12-2017 (Playgroup)

Language Development is essential for holistic development of a child and improving the vocabulary is very important academic investment. To enhance the same, children brought wide variety of flash cards and described them.


  • BOOK DAY - 05-01-2018 (Playgroup)

‘When you open a book, you open a new world’

Books are packed with knowledge, life lessons, love, fear, prayer and helpful advice. Children explored various books, gained knowledge regarding cover page, index, page numbers, how to handle the book and had fun by sharing the same.


  • BALLOON DAY - 25-01-2018 (Playgroup)
INDIA…..runs in my blood, through the veins….

I am a proud INDIAN. To inculcate the feeling of patriotism, children brought tri-colour balloons and shared with their peers.


  • AT THE ZOO - 14-01-2018 (Jr. KG.)

'At the Zoo' activity was organized to make children aware-
It's a noble initiative for helping the helpless!

Let's take a step to protect the beauty of nature.Amazing facts on animals and birds were discussed in the class. Children narrated beautiful stories and amazed us with interesting facts about wild life.


  • FLOWER DAY - 31-01-2018 (Jr. KG.)

Flowers are colourful poetry of nature

A beautiful morning glory today at Bright, where our little florista’s bloomed with happiness radiating sweet fragrance. Children learnt - Every flower has different meaning, shape, colour and smell. It was linked with flower care, flower giving at different occasions, floral designs and decorating tips.


  • COMMUNITY HELPERS - 08-12-2017 (Sr. KG.)

Community Helpers: An Integrated thematic unit

What’s more fun than children acting like grown up. Community helpers can be defined as any person who helps us for overall well-being of the society. Children enjoyed the activity to dress up and act and said wonderful sentences on community helpers. Parents were a great resource for this activity. Children got exposure to the theme and they were able to portrait what they want to become when they grow up with beautiful drawing.


  • STORY DAY - 18-01-2018 (Sr. KG.)

Once upon a time......

Story telling is an art and a key to child's language and emotional development. Children narrated stories using creative techniques such as flash cards, puppets, charts and models which were prepared by parents. We appreciate the innovative thoughts of parents.



  • SPECIAL 13 - 13-12-2017 (Sr. KG - H and M)

Praise worthy project “Special 13” was presented by the blooming buds of Sr. KG. H and M on 13th December 2017, where in along with dances they got knowledge about different special days like 5th June - Environment Day,  21st June - World Yoga Day, 1st May - Gujarat Day & 14th September - Hindi Divas and their importance in our life.



  • HUNARBAAZ - Date :- 19-12-2017 & 21-12-2017


Beautiful scenario where little angels spread their magic on stage by unfolding their talents. It was truly out of the box to see them performing and enacting their favourite character. They gave us the message: "Excellence is not being best; it is doing your best. This journey of our super heroes was an enchanting vista and endless fun with full of joyful era of imagination.


  • DIBBA PARTY - 12-01-2018

“Dibba treats….mamma's wonderful recipe”

Kids Tiffin Party was full yumm.They pull out their colourful tiffin boxes. They enjoyed different delicacies of their peers and loved sharing them with each other.



  • CHRISTMAS - 22-12-2017

Christmas is time to give and forgive.

At Bright Play Centre, Santa Claus came dashing through the snow and filled the air with festivity.Little Santa’s too made a grand entry and gave adorable poses to click. The delight was uncontained especially as cake and gifts were given which gave pretty smiles on our children's face. Parents added the flavour of joy to the celebration.


  • REPUBLIC DAY - 25-01-2018

Republic Day was celebrated with pomp and show, zeal and spirit. The tri-colour ambience in school gave the message of patriotism in hearts of young Indians. The children performed on patriotic songs which were followed by parade and National Anthem. The Army, Navy and Air-force showed their march past. The whole event gave cold creeps and tears of joy to see the blossoms of Bright perform with such enthusiasm and confidence. .