Bright Day School Vadodara

KG Section - VIP Unit (Karelibaug) February 2018 and March 2018


  • MaRRS PLAY 2 LEARN COMPETIITON :- 16.02.2018

Participation is more important than winning. These hardworking articulate young children are a credit to the school and an inspiration to all of us.



  • LETTER ACTIVITY - 02-02-2018 (Playgroup)
“Every good mechanic has a tool box full of tools” - Improving the vocabulary is very important academic investment. To make the recognition and phonic sound of letters more interesting, toddlers brought artistic stick puppets and enjoyed placing them in the train.


  • SHAPES DAY - 09-13-2018 (Playgroup)

The ability to accurately identify shapes is a foundational mathematical skill. On shapes day, children came with objects of Circle, Square and Triangle shapes and talked about the same.


  • VEHICLE DAY - 21-02-2018 (Jr. KG)

"The Beauty of All-Wheel Drive"

It was the beautiful rush-hour at Bright travel land. A pollution free with no honking scenario of children with their toy vehicles was spotlighted in the classroom. Little Racers were enthralled to learn different logos, road signs and safety rules. They enjoyed sharing their own travel stories to their friends.


  • SOUND - 02-02-2018 (Sr. KG)

Children enjoyed the 'Sound Activity' by playing the musical instruments Bang! Ding! Strum! . They learnt that sounds are all around us and there are different kinds of sounds.


  • NEWS VIEWS - 28-02-2018 (Sr. KG.)

News Views, Just a click away

The young news reporters, entered with smart dressing and mikes in "Bright Play Centre".They read out news headlines very confidently. This activity helped them to understand that news should be the part of our daily life to keep ourselves updated with the world.


  • BODY PARTS - 15-03-2018 (Sr. KG.)

Learning about our amazing body was a "FUN WITH LEARN ACTIVITY". Wonderful models made by the parents helped the children to enhance their knowledge regarding various internal and external organs.



  • RHYME DAY - Playgroup

As the academic year of Playgroup is about to end now! To bid a wonderful good-bye to their first year of KG Section, “Rhyme Day” was planned where in children got opportunity to perform on stage with attractive costumes and make-up. Kiddos rocked the stage with confidence.



  • HOLI - 28-02-2018 (Playgroup)

Holi….The festival of colours….is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm as it brings feeling of love and closeness among the people. Toddlers at Bright Play Centre enjoyed holi celebration with vibrant colours and pichkaris.


  • GRADUATION DAY - 26-03-2018 & 27-03-2018

Thank you for your unstinted support and co-operation to BRIGHT.

Graduation Day Celebration of Sr. KG. students was celebrated. It’s a proud moment!  Jr. KG. gave a final Good-bye to our Sr. KG. children with songs of laughter. Indeed, it was a grand farewell to our pre-school graduates.The show stoppers were the parents, who performed and showed their talents by various dance performances and skits.