Bright Day School Vadodara

KG Section - VIP Unit (Karelibaug) June 2017 and July 2017



Preschool is “ A small step for a giant exposure in child’s life”. This is the first exercise in which children are separated from the comfort and secure zone of their parents. At BRIGHT, children were welcome warmly by affectionate teachers amidst attractive decoration.



  • TOY DAY - 18th July 2017 (Playgroup)
Toys are children’s best playmates which boosts creativity and self-esteem of children that helps in cognitive and physical development. Children enjoyed and explored varieties of toys and had unlimited fun on Toy Day.


  • COLOUR DAY - 17th July 2017 (Jr. Kg.)
“Rango Ka Utsav…. Rangotsav”

The canvas of childhood is filled with box of Crayola crayons. Some are sharp,some are dull and some are bright but all live together in same box. Brashy Brightians splashed in like a rainbow. It was a fantastic experience for them to brush up their knowledge for colours. It was a magical learning for them to see the mixing of colours.



  • YOGA DAY - 21st July 2017 (Sr. Kg.)
International Yoga Day which is a world event and is celebrated every year to increase the awareness of Yoga benefits among people. Students were given information by the teacher and then they also did some simple and useful yogasanas. Students enjoyed doing breathe control and Pranayama.


  • GURU PURNIMA - 07th July 2017 (Sr. Kg.)
“…..Let no man in the world live in delusion,without a Guru none can cross over to the other shore…..”
Guru Purnima is celebrated to revere the gurus who nurture and shape the young minds and draw the best out of every student. We, at Bright celebrated the occasion of Guru Purnima. Students presented a skit depicting the sacrifice of Eklavya wherein he offered the thumb of his right hand as Guru Dakshina to Guru Dronacharya to honour the teachers and to make students understand the significance of this sacred day.



  • RANGOTSAV DRAWING& HANDWRITING - 28th July 2017 (Jr. Kg. & Sr. Kg.)
Art is one’s personal diary where one can colour his/her thoughts and emotions on a page and written work reflects high level of knowledge and concept clearance. Through this competition,students have attained their writing skills and sketched their imagination on canvas.