Bright Day School Vadodara

KG Section - VIP Unit (Karelibaug) October 2017 and November 2017


  • International Youth And Child Art Exhibition - 2017

Palak N. Parekh of Sr. KG. - H awarded with a badge and certificate in The 9th International Youth And Child Art Exhibition - 2017, “FRAGRANCE OF ART BUDS”  on 14-11-2017  by Young Envoys International Hyderabad.

  • Rangotsav Handwriting &Colouring Competition
  • Navneet Drawing Competition 2017-2018

The hardworking articulate prize winners of "RangotsavColouring and Handwriting Competition 2017" and "Navneet Drawing Competition" were felicitated by our Headmistress Madam Kalpana and Supervisor Madam Rita.

Congratulations!!!!!!!! to all the prize winners. Keep it Up!!!!!!!



  • FAMILY DAY - 02-10-2017 (Playgroup)
“It’s not how big the house is, it’s how happy the home is”. To imbibe the family values from very tender age in toddlers Family Day was celebrated in playgroup. Children brought family photograph and they talked about their family with great enthusiasm.


  • LETTER (Ff to Jj) - 17-11-2017 (Playgroup)

Language is an essential mode of communication. To make the recognition and phonic sound of letters more interesting letter activity of Ff to Jj was planned. Little stars of playgroup brought creative and innovative stick puppets and talked about the same with confidence


  • CLOTHES DAY - 11-10-2017 (Jr. KG.)

Fashion is a language that creates itself in clothes.

Elegance of exclusive attires showcasing traditional wear,religious wear,seasonal clothes,sportswear and historic dressing of our National Leaders was the theme for our little Fashionistas.
A well-crafted fashion walk was the highlight where these kids gave the message "It's not about brand, It's about style...


  • GAMES - 10-10-2017 (Sr. KG.)

Games are essential to retain the body fit and fine. It enhances the mental and physical growth of child.  Children had great fun enjoying the indoor and outdoor games with their peers. This activity helped them to speak and learn more about the games that they played.


  • FOOD - 13-10-2017 (Sr. KG.)

“…..Fit HaiTo Hit Hai…..”

It was a sparkling day at Bright. The food activitywas a wonderful activity, where children brought healthy food items like Dhokla, Corn Bhel, Muffins& Butter Milk and enjoyed sharing the same with their friends and learnt the table manners. They also learnt various methods of cooking like baking, steaming and boiling.


  • RULES ON ROAD - 16-11-2017 (Sr. KG.)

A traffic park was set up to make kids smarter on roads, wherein they learnt about road safety, different caution sign board, CNG station and Petrol pump.Creative models which were prepared by parents helped the children to learn about the activity in an innovative way. So Get, Set & Go to follow the traffic rules.



  • BOOND “JAL HI JEEVAN HAI”A - 30-11-2017 (Sr. KG - C and G)

The tiny tots of Sr. KG. C & G presented a wonderful project “Boond - Jal Hi JeevanHai”. The kids presented the concept of water cycle, sources and uses of water in creative costumes, dialogues & dance. They gave an important message “SAVE WATER”.



  • GANDHI JAYANTI - 04-10-2017
The tunes of 'RaghupatiRaghav Raja Ram' mesmerized the whole atmosphere during 'Gandhi Jayanti Celebration'. The journey and glimpses of the great man's life was shown to the students through informative Power-point presentation.


  • DIWALI - 13-10-2017

Festive call to mind wonderful moments of celebration.
Jubilant Juniors celebrated Diwali with home coming of Lord Rama with Sita and Lakshaman after 14 years of exile and his victory over Demon Ravana. Together we lit a lamp of love illuminating diyas, rangolis and beautiful lanterns.


  • DIBBA PARTY - 13-10-2017

To spread the Diwali cheer with friends, children came with healthy and nutritious brunch. Kiddos enjoyed mamma’s magical and yummilicious recipe with peers and had fun.


  • CHILDREN'S DAY - 14-11-2017

“…..Give your children, one day of magic that they’ll remember forever…..”

Chacha Nehru's birthday, "Children's day" was celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervour at 'Bright Play Centre.' The campus was buzzing with creatively dressed Cartoon characters and Halloween characters. Children participated in various activities such as music, dance, tattoo, games, photography, drawing, colouring and power point presentation. It was a fun filled day for children.



Picnic to Sayajibaug was organised for BRIGHTIANS to explore joyful experiences and feel rejuvenated. It was a sheer time to enjoy the natural world. Kiddos were happy,relaxed,focussed and refresh to enjoy with their peer group. They relished Samosas and Oranges.