Bright Day School Vadodara

Primary - VIP Karelibaug (June 2019 and July 2019)


SCHOOL REOPENING DAY : 11th June 2019 (Std II to VIII) and 12th June 2019 (Std I)

The Academic year started on 11th June with a promise of self-growth, to achieve success. Enthusiastic students came cheerfully to start another brilliant year. They were welcomed by Administrative Incharge Madam Shobha Rajpurohit, their class teachers. A special assembly was conducted by the teachers in order to welcome their children after long summer vacation. The students were acquainted with the general rules of the school. They were motivated with a speech for happy, prosperous and a successful year ahead.
In connection with the reopening of the school, a Saraswati Puja was organized at Bright School. The puja was led by ShriJayendra Shah Chairman of the school. Simit shah , the Managing  Trustee and  Administrative Incharge, Smt Shobha Rajpurohit, Ms Rita Incharge Principal Mam Ms RitaKantharia and other heads joined the puja.



  • Shah Khushi of VIII B was awarded trophy for excellence in Handwriting by International Institute of Handwriting Anaysis.
  • Master Aarnav Patel of VIII B Participated in U-13 Spartan Chess Tournament by Mineral Chess Academy held at MadleysCafé on 16th June 2019. He secured 2.5 points of 5 points Placed 9th  position and was awarded with medal.
  • Utkarsh Yogesh Golecha of VIII C was awarded 3 Gold medals for Karate Championship organized at BalBhavan. (2 gold Medal for fight and 1 for Basic.)
  • Manan Patel of VII B has bagged the Man of the SeriesTrophy , Gold Medal in Cricket Tournament by Baroda Football Academy.
  • Hetvi Shah of VII C has received black belt and excellence in performance by Shotokan Karate International Federation and has received Trophy for the same.
  • Netra Gupta of VI A won certificates for successfully completing all levels of UCMAS  forPrerequistie international grading exam, G1 Achievement, Flash Calculation (group B), 2st Runner Up Award of UCMAS she was awarded trophies  for the same. RiddhimaBehal of V A has bagged a certificate for UCMAS as the 2nd Runner Up, Category H2 and was awarded trophy for the same. Shubh Prajapati of II B received State Level 5th Runner up in UCMAS and received a trophy.
  • Darsh Bhatt of VII E won trophy and medal in 1 to 99 tables, hundred steps and bagged 2nd prize. He also won medal for securing 2nd position in Kho-Kho Competition.
  • Nervi Shah of II A bagged a merit award from UCMAS and Shubh of II B was state level 5th runner up in UCMAS.
  • Yana Shah of VI C was chosen as finalist in Glam Kids Vadodara Fashion Show organized by Esquire Showcase.
  • Swayam Sharma of Std VIII won 1st  prize in Fine Arts Drawing Competition.
  • Visham Modi of VII E and NityaModi of IIA  won 1st position and were awarded with gold medal in dance competition organized by Krishna Academy.
  • Roank Merani of VIII B has won Certificate for completing  is Office Automation in Computers in Dev Infotech and has secured ‘A’  grade.
  • NirmalMistry of VIII A was awarded with Gold Medal for Planting 150 trees’s on Sunday’s, organized by GPYG association.



  • International Yoga Day: 21st June 2019

International Yoga Day was celebrated at Bright Schoolto enhance the focus on memory, productivity, teamwork, endurance, flexibility, strength,and communication; all a part of everyday students life.They will also reduce stress and anxiety levels and increase concentration.“ Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” -  The Bhagavad Gita. A yoga session was conducted byvolunteers from Yogniketan, Vadodara. Our yoga instructor Mr. PradipThadanitalked about how yoga helps children achieve a sound mind in a sound body by exercising the physical body and calming the mental spirit.


  • Student Union Election - 5th July 2019

School Union Election is a great opportunity for students to exercise student’s rights. Students were nominated for the positions of Head Boy, Head girl and School Captain on the basis of discipline, academics and conduct so that they can be role models to their fellow schoolmates. Electronic Voting took place through Secret Ballot in which approximately 1000students of class V- VIII voted.  Elected members are Akshil Patel of Std VIII A as School Captain, GopiLuhar of VIII B as Head Girl and UtkarshGolecha of VIII C as Head Boy.


  • Students’ Investiture Ceremony - 13th July 2019

Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality :- Warren Bennis

Investiture Ceremony for the academic  session 2019 -2020 was held with great pomp and dignity in the school . The event was presided over by the  Managing trustee Sir Simit Shah, Honourable Chief Guest Mr. Devindra Singh Dhiman, Ms Shobha Rajpurohit Administrative Incharge, Ms. Nina Shukla Incharge of Sec and Higher Secondary,  Mr. Nilesh Engineer Incharge Secondary Sec Granted Unit, and Madam Kalpana Panchal Head Mistress Bright Play Centre.Incharge Principal Madam Rita Kantharia and Supervisor madam SunandaKelkar were also present. The Investiture ceremony signifies the reliance and confidence that the school consigns in the newly invested office bearers. Donning the mantle of accountability, they also pledge to bestow their duties to the best of their abilities. We believe that the child centric approach will frame a responsible citizens.

The ceremony was held with lots of zeal and zest. It was commenced with the lighting lamp followed by SaraswatiVandana,Elected members were conferred with badges and sashes by Honourable Chief Guest  Mr. Devindrasingh Dhiman. The honourable guest congratulated the elected student council and gave an inspiring speech. The students ‘s council took the pledge to hold the duties with great responsibility.



  • ROAD SAFETY - 3th June 2019. FACULTY - Ms. Devlina Behal
An Important Part of this safe system approach is to educate children and young people to behave responsibly on the road. Effective road safety education will give students opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills and attitude to help them make informed and safer decisions in traffic and traffic environments. This interactive  session had videos and a PPTpresentation to sensitised students  about the rules to be followed while riding bicycles and being on road.


  • ADOLESENCE - 27th July 2019 (Std VI). FACULTY - Ms. Devlina Behal

All types of changes biological, social cognitive etc. take place during the adolescence stage. Teacher can do a lot of help to adolescents to develop a balanced personality. Heart touching skit was presented on Anti-bulling. To empower the students to deal with bulling, as student bulling  is one of the most frequently reported discipline problem at school.

Faculty : Ms. JalpaThakkar ( Girls )

She gave talk on how their personalities both  physical and psychological under goes changes and guided them to make smart and good choices in life. Build good character to be responsible and respected person and to work hard with a positive attitude.



  • Handwriting Competition for Std : I and II, Date : 20th July 2019

Skill of writing is a very important part of education. A good writing helps students to attain higher level of academic achievement. The handwriting competition is an attempt by the school to see that students develop a legible handwriting.

Winners :-

Std I
1st Position : Bhumi Patel I C,
2nd Position :  Aaradhya Prajapati I F,
3rd Position : Sarvangi Munshi I A,
4th Position : Tamanna Chauhan I B
5th Position : TirthTamboli I D, and Consolation: Ansh Parmar I E
Std II
1st Position : Darsh Shah II A,
2nd Position : Jenil Bamaniy II A,
3rd Position : Bhavin Bhagtani II B,  
4th Position : Jiya Damor II C, and Consolation : Aagna Joshi II D

  • Memory Masters Competition Std : III and IV, Date : 20th July 2019

Mind games help in learning new things and to keep the memory sharp. As an effort to achieve this, memory master competition was organized. Where the students were shown 20 objects, then students had to recall and write the name of the objects shown  in the given time.

Winners :-

1st Position : Mahi Patel III E,
2nd Position :  DhariyaThakkar III B,
3rd Position : Darsh Marwadi III B and Divya Patel III B, and Consolation: Nishra Shah III B
Std IV
1st Position : Mahi Kachhia IV C,
2nd Position : Neel Ravlani IV C,
3rd Position : Freya  IV C and Riddhi shah IV C



  • SCIENCE - 8th June 2019. FACULTY - Ms. Vinita Sareen
She provided training and workshop on how to use digital resources and support with books for teaching learning process.
  • COMPUTER WORKHOP - 22nd June 2019. FACULTY - Ishan Mistry & Dharmesh

Technology is a just a tool, In term of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important – Bill Gates

A computer workshop –as basic training program on Digital Literacy as part of Dell Aarambh. Teachers were briefed about Evolution of Technology in Education , Integration of ICT into Classroom Teaching ,Advantages of ICT in Education , Search engines, learning resources etc.

This workshop enriched our knowledge in computers in using smart boards and educational apps.


Generous Act by the Students…

In a great gesture of solidarity with our solidiers, Students of Bright school have send wonderful Rakhis and greeting cards with heart touching message to the Jawans .Approximately1500  Rakhis were send by the students.This initiative was taken by Elixir Foundation, Vadodara. Theywill personally visit to our soldiers serving at the Indian Border on the auspicious occasion of Rakshabandhan. Students of Class I to VIII have expressed their heartfelt feelings through beautiful messages. It is one way to offer our gratitude to real hearos of India.