Bright Day School Vadodara

Secondary & H. Sec. Section - VIP Karelibaug (October 2020 and November 2020)


  • Rangoli

The students had to use the  powder and fresh flowers to draw rangoli. They had to click two photographs:
1. The one who is making the rangoli
2. The Rangoli

  • Diya

The students had to decorate the ‘ diyas’, and send the pic to the class teacher.

  • Joy of Giving

To cultivate the spirit of philanthropy among the students, they were advised to give any used  (like toys or clothes) or fresh things ( like crackers, sweets or food ) to the needy people, click a photograph and send it to the class teacher.

The students participated with enthusiasm. Many of them showed inventiveness and created beautiful specimens of art. A few of them gifted articles to the needy also. All three activities were conducted under the guidance of Ms Nita Bhojani. Not only students but the TEACHERS also contributed in this noble deed……



  • Navratri - 17.10.2020

As a part of Navratri celebration Aarti Thali Decoration activity was conducted. The participants  had to decorate the thali with flowers, food grains, dry fruits, beads, sparklers etc. After this, they had to send a pic to the class teachers.

The students gave a warm response to this activity.



  • Photography Competition - 15.10.2020

A photography competition was organized by the Education Department on 150th Birth Anniversary of  Mahatma Gandhi.

The subjects were :
1. Pride of hard work
2. One India best India

  • Drawing Competition

An online drawing competition was organized by the Education Department to create awareness among the voters. The participants had to draw any relevant picture for this and submit online through a link given. The competition was open for all the students and a few of them participated.

Made By Rutu Thakor of XC

  • Drawing Competition - 30.11.2020

A drawing competition was held by Fevicreate for the students of age group of 9 to 14. The students participated enthusiastically.

1)   Hetvi Samir Shah of X C 
2)   Mit Janak Shah of IX E
3)   Prisha Sagar of 9 B
4)   Palash Shah of X A



  • Gandhian ideology - 02.10.2020

In order to cultivate the Gandhian ideology among the students, Shri J R Shah Bright Day School organised online quiz based on the life events of Mahatma Gandhi.The questions based on the life events of Gandhiji  were prepared and put through Google Form by Mr Milind Majmudar. This activity got a warm response. Total 167 responses were recorded.

Some glimpses ...

1. Ved Vyas (9 A) – 25/25
2. Dhruv Bhagat (10 B) – 25/25
3. Heti Vala  (10 C) – 25/25
4. Param Sheth (9 A) – 24/25
5. Gopi Luhar (9 B) – 24/25
6. Devansh Shah (9 C) – 24/25
7. Roshan Bhambhlani  (10 B) – 24/25

Many students scored above 20 marks …



  • Online Workshop - New Education Policy 2020

For the Professional Development of the teachers an online workshop was arranged by the Management of our school. The topic was : New Education Policy 2020.The host was Dr Vijayam. She covered by her were: experimental learning, integrated teaching, value-based education etc. It was interesting and interactive. All the teachers of this unit attended the workshop.