Bright Day School Vadodara

Bulletins of CBSE Unit - Harni


Dear Parents,

We hope you all are safe and sound. As you all know, the Covid 19 pandemic has presented us with new challenges and we need to understand and meet these challenges in an informed manner. Around mid-March, just as we were about to wind up the 2019-2020 Boards, the government declared for all schools to be shut and activities suspended till further notice.

We at Bright School have always been committed towards the fulfillment of our duties and responsibilities and therefore started looking for alternative methods to reach to our students to ensure that they do not miss any part of the curriculum and are able to make the most out of the given situation, academically. So, we successfully started the online sessions in April for Brightians.

The online sessions were resumed back in June after the Summer break. Our teachers are giving their best to satisfy the students and to give them the feel of teacher - student interaction. We pray to God that we get back to normal soon. Stay home and stay safe till we meet again.

Bright Management